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Safa & Waheed

Founders Safa Adnani & Waheed Adnani

Most Popular Dishes

Chicken Tahcheen

Aromatic saffron rice cake with layers of chicken, Eggplant and yoghurt oven baked served with yoghurt sauce topped with berries, pistachio and almond. 


Chelo Kebab Koobideh

Luscious grilled minced meat kebab served with aromatic saffron scented basmati rice and grilled tomato. 


Mix Grill Plate

A delightful mixture of meat, chicken and joojeh kebab served with basmati saffron rice.


Chicken Biryani

A delightful aromatic spiced basmati rice layered with chicken with raita.


Ghormeh Sabzi

A hearty delicious slow braised lamb stew with green herbs and red kidney beans served with saffron rice.


Kashk Badenjan

A flavorful dish of mashed eggplant dip with walnut, whey, sautéed mint and onions served with bread.


Shrimp Curry

This curry is a complete joy of shrimp in our special mild spicy curry served with rice.


Vine Leaves

Vine leaves filled with fresh parsley, mint, tomato and rice cooked in delightful lemon pomegranate molasses.


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